Derek is starting up seminars again for the new year!  There is a bench seminar this upcoming weekend and more to follow.  Please stay tuned to the above website for more information!

Now in the PPTC store, you have the chance to buy an autographed picture from Derek!  You can even add a personal message for him to add to the photo.  At $3 a picture, this makes a great gift for someone you know that loves Strongman, or simply a great piece to add to your collection.  Grab one or a couple today!

We have restocked many sizes of our apparel after a long period of being out of stock.  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you are able to now purchase the sweet PPTC gear you wanted!

We have plaques and supplements and more as prizes for our rapidly approaching Stay Strong strongman competition for charity!  If you haven't had a chance to sign up, visit http://ctstrongman.com/ to do so!

We are selling some shirts signed by Derek!  All proceeds go to the Cancer Schmancer Movement.   Please follow the below links to find the shirts.  Please bear in mind the shirt size listed on eBay when ordering, all sales are final.

Shirt 1 - Shirt 2 - Shirt 3 - Shirt 4 - Shirt 5

Poundstone Performance is hosting an amateur strongman show this April as part of the Cancer Schmancer cause.  Cancer Schmancer helps people who can't afford medical expenses themselves and helps fight the terrible cancer scourge.  

Please visit http://ctstrongman.com/ to sign up online or you can download the entry form below!  

Please note the event time and date have been changed to April 6th at Noon.  
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Starting this February we are going to begin holding seminars regularly at Poundstone Performance.  Each seminar will focus on one or two lifts and will last around 2 hours.  The classes will be kept fairly low (~10 people) so that proper attention will be able to be paid to each individual as they learn and demonstrate the lift under Derek's attentive eye.  These are unique opportunities to learn strength training and strongman techniques from one of the strongest men in the world in a great training environment   Each student will get a free day pass to Poundstone Performance for before and after the event.  

02/24 2PM - Bench Press and support at PPTC

03/17 2PM - Shoulders to Boulders as documented in Power Magazine.  

03/24 2PM - The art of the Circus dumbbell and Log press.  Learn about the Viper Press and the secrets that help make Derek one of the best dumbbell pressers in the world!

$45 an event for general public and $35 for PPTC gym members.

Please contact us at sales@poundstoneperformance.com to register, space is limited so contact us soon!